Top 7 Content Marketing trends in 2023 and how can small businesses make the most of it.

In recent years, content marketing has evolved as one of the most powerful tools for businesses to grow and maximize sales revenue. Marketing experts suggest content marketing not only helps in attracting and engaging new audiences, but it also helps in increasing brand awareness and generating new business leads as well.  

In this over-competitive market, it is important to stay updated and understand the top content marketing trends to look out for in the year 2023. This information will help you stay ahead of the curve and will assist in creating relevant content for your audiences. 

What are the top 7 content marketing trends in the year 2023? Read the post to know more! 

  1. Video content 

In the past few years, video content has gained immense popularity. Videos are the best way to attract and engage the audience. As per a recent HubSpot blogs research, video content has been viewed by a large number of audiences. The research confirms that 66% of consumers have watched different video content like product reviews and unboxing videos, to gather more information about any product or brand.  

Content marketing experts predict that video content will continue to dominate the digital landscape in 2023 as well. Short videos (TikTok videos, Instagram reels etc.) and live videos are expected to remain popular in the upcoming year too. Nowadays, e-commerce platforms are also incorporating more and more video content for selling and promoting their products.  

  1. Personalized and interactive content 

Personalized and interactive content will become popular in 2023. Now, gone are the days when fancy ads or celebrity product advertisements were the most important part of a business’s product marketing strategy. With changing times, consumers prefer personalized content over-generalized content.  

Personalized content (including personalized) product or service recommendations) assists businesses to reach target audiences better, resulting in more sales and long-term relationships with their customers.  

In the same manner, interactive content like polls, webinars and quizzes are expected to be in demand in 2023. Interactive content helps in increasing user participation and boosts active engagement.  

  1. Long-form content (blogs, eBooks, e-guide etc.) 

Short video content may seem like a rising trend; however, it cannot replace the value and information long-form content offers. Long-form content pieces like eBooks, blogs and white papers, etc. provide in-depth insight and solve various questions and queries on complicated subjects.  

As per, creating in-depth, long-form content offers various benefits such as it helps in improving the DA (Domain authority) of your website and generating more organic traffic.  

Marketing experts suggest writing interesting and well-researched long-form content is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. Creating long-form content enhances your brand reputation and helps build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

  1. AI (Artificial intelligence) & Automation content marketing 

Technological advancements have strongly impacted various important aspects of life, including the digital world. Although AI cannot replace human efforts and expertise, it can become a powerful supporting tool for solving many issues. Tools like Grammarly have become an important part of the content writing process and help in proofreading the content well.  

Likewise, automated content marketing has become a norm and helps in fast and efficient content writing and content distribution. Content automation also works great in managing expenses and saving time. In 2023, AI and automation will continue to grow and help businesses in effective content marketing.  

  1. E-commerce 

Since the time of the pandemic e-commerce shopping has become a new normal. During the stressful time of the pandemic, e-commerce shopping platforms have helped a lot in providing quick responses to consumer demands. Online shopping also offers flexibility for customers and opens a wide range of shopping platform options from the comfort of their homes. 

For businesses also e-commerce is coming across as an affordable option to reach a wider (and global) audience. Nowadays, all types of businesses are making online presence a priority and including e-commerce as an important part of business marketing strategies. E-commerce will continue to grow in 2023 and help businesses to reach a global audience.  

  1. Voice search 

Voice search has become quite popular in the last few years. Because of quicker results, people are preferring voice search instead of traditional typing. As per a recent google report, about 27% of the global online population is using voice search on mobile. After the tremendous success of early smart speakers Siri and Alexa, now businesses focus on optimizing their content for voice search. In 2023, voice search is expected to become one of the popular trends for successful content marketing.  

  1. Influencer marketing  

Influencer marketing is already a major part of content marketing for businesses. Influencers have authority or expertise in various niches (like fashion, fitness etc.). They have an established base of followers on different social media platforms. Influencers can influence a customer’s buying decision by sharing their opinion or reviews about different products and services.  

Experts predict that in 2023, businesses are keen to focus on nano and micro-influencers, rather than big names and celebrities. It has been observed that micro-influencers may not have a large following, but they build a genuine connection with their audience and can influence their decision on a deeper level.  


In conclusion, there will be various emerging content marketing trends that will be in limelight in the year 2023. In the upcoming year, customers are looking for authentic, genuine and humanized brands whom they can trust and can make well-informed buying decisions. 

6 thoughts on “Top 7 Content Marketing trends in 2023 and how can small businesses make the most of it.”

  1. Neha, your post is a game-changer for small businesses! The Top 7 Content Marketing trends in 2023 you’ve highlighted are both exciting and practical. Your insights on how small businesses can leverage these trends to their advantage are invaluable. Thanks for empowering us with such relevant and actionable information to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of content marketing!

  2. This post is so useful.

    You’re absolutely right. In 2023, content marketing continues to evolve, and several emerging trends are reshaping the landscape.

    Personalization takes center stage, with brands leveraging data and AI-driven insights to tailor content to individual preferences, creating more relevant and engaging experiences.

    Interactive content gains momentum, with quizzes, polls, and shoppable videos captivating audiences and encouraging higher levels of engagement.

    Moreover, brands are increasingly focusing on sustainability and social impact, incorporating purpose-driven content that resonates with conscious consumers.

    Lastly, as voice search becomes more prevalent, optimizing content for voice-enabled devices and virtual assistants becomes crucial for staying ahead in the content marketing game.

    These trends demonstrate that the future of content marketing lies in understanding consumer behavior, embracing innovation, and aligning with values that matter to the audience.

  3. I myself in into content development and writing and 100% agree with you about the ongoing marketing trends in the world of content development. But sadly very recently I came across some topnotch companies switching to ChatGpt for their contents and few are so allergic that they are making the Human writers life help by always doubting that they are using writing tools. I really dont know where the world is going especially for the honest content developers.

  4. Content marketing is something going to last long and I really appreciate that you covered it in such a perfect way.

  5. Content marketing is still in a nascent stage in India I believe. In European union and other developed parts of the globe, the market has matured and they use many AI-based tools as well to reach the audience. However, we are still progressing and these trends are a good example of that.

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