5 Content Marketing tips for home essential products

Content marketing is not the same for every niche and for every industry. Enterprises should tailor their content according to the needs of their consumers and according to their specialized industry. Here are some tips on content marketing for those involved in the production and sale of home essential products:

Home essentials are products like mattresses, furnishings, kitchenware, furniture and similar. You might wonder, how content marketing can make a difference in this product range. While these products are essential, they also impact the quality of our life immensely and hence millennials investing in these products prefer to research about it before making a purchase. A detailed blogpost about how the product improves the quality of life, video for tips to take care of the product or an infographic about the best times to invest in it will make a difference to the buyer.

 We have a case study for this, but that is for another day. 


1. Identify your Target Audience

The first and foremost requirement for generating relevant content for home essential products is to identify a target audience. For instance, homeowners and homemakers, individuals within a certain income group, and individuals belonging to particular age groups might be more attracted to your line of products. To this end, creating content directed at an audience that is too young or too old, or belonging to any an irrelevant group could be futile and harmful for your brand. A content strategy can be best generated when you know who you’re making the content for. Generate titles and form ideas based on what would appeal to your target audience, and create engagement in that particular group. This might also depend on the kind of products you specialize in. For instance, latex mattress companies might attract a target audience comprising of a higher-income group between the ages of 25 to 55. Those specializing in baby products might be looking at new mothers in the age group of 23 to 35.

2. Inform and Inspire

In order to formulate an effective content marketing strategy, you may be required to do research based on demographical and geographical trends in order to ascertain your target audience. Your content should focus on two end goals: informing and inspiring. Firstly, informing your target audience of their options, the industry, and competitors can generate trust. Higher trust in your brand can substantially improve engagement and generate more leads. Informational content is well-researched and provides an honest outlook on subject matters. While plugging one’s own services is important, it is important to not go too overboard. It is always beneficial to maintain a neutral tone and develop content which gives more insight into your services and products. Secondly, it is important that while your content remain friendly and informative, it inspires action and makes the viewer engage with your content.

3. Create interactive elements

If you want your content to leave an impression, it is important that you don’t treat the viewer as a passive individual. This is because active engagement and interactive elements drastically increase the chances of a consumer of choosing your brand over other brands which don’t include such elements. Once you inspire action, you need to enable the viewer to interact with your content. In order to create content which is interactive, ensure that you incorporate various interactive elements such as including social media handles, mentioning extensive contact information, creating a feedback form, creating a review system, and other such elements in your content marketing strategy so that the viewer has the option to interact. Those dealing in home essential products are likely to find interactive elements extremely beneficial and interactivity allows viewers and consumers to trust your brand. Remember, an essential part of trust in a brand involves customer support and services. Inviting interactivity and inculcating responsiveness can greatly improve your leads and engagement. Including Whats App chat, forms, call backs, and emailers are great way to include interactivity and maintain relations.

4. Ensure Originality

The same kind of content proliferates at a very high rate on the internet on a daily basis. In order for your content to stand out, you need to develop original content that is unique to your brand. While it is important to take into account the success stories of your direct and indirect competitors, it is even more integral that you incorporate this knowledge into your content marketing strategy in a unique and innovative way. One way to create original content is to brainstorm with your team to understand common complaints as well as usual requirements of your target audience. Invite responses and feedback, and make your customer support friendly and amenable to suggestions. Addressing challenges faced in your industry through your content can also set your brand apart. Behind the scenes processes can also be delved into in your content. Customize your content, such as images, videos, etc., by incorporating a unique illustration style, adding logos, or making a color scheme for your brand.

5. Incorporate visual elements

A company specializing in home essential products would be greatly benefitted from showcasing their products. Nowadays, shopping has moved online, and even with physical retail stores, consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and prudent and often do their research online to ascertain the specifications of a brand’s products. You can use visual  elements to deliver product details and inspire trust. Secondly, visual appeal and product design can make maximum impact through visual elements used in online content. Visuals can include not just images, but also videos, informatics, referrals, and pictures of the products themselves. Making visual guides for using products, and showing their effectivity could also add value to your content marketing strategy. Similarly, creating visuals of a products composition and using it to explain the mechanism of its functioning could be very useful. Another way of including visual elements could be allowing reviewers to upload pictures of the products for others to view.     

These are some ways in which a content marketer can make content marketing for home essential products impactful and interesting. Do you have any ideas? Share in comments below.

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